The Pegasus Youth Law Project provides legal representation to youth on a range of legal issues including emancipation, family law for young parents, access to health and mental health care, and helping youth transition from foster care to adulthood.

Pegasus prioritizes young parents, youth who are experiencing homelessness, youth who are caring for themselves, or youth who are transitioning from foster care.

Pegasus does not serve parents over age 25 in family law matters.

Getting Emancipated

Information about what emancipation means, the different ways you can become an emancipated minor, and what effect emancipation has on your legal rights can be found here.

Getting Into School on Your Own

Unaccompanied youth have special rights to access education under the federal McKinney-Vento Act. Pegasus can help advocate for you.

Consent to Healthcare

Information explaining when youth under age 18 have the right to consent to healthcare treatment and when their healthcare information can and cannot be kept confidential can be found here.

Child Support

Information about establishing child support and enforcing child support can be found here.

Child Custody and Timesharing

Information about the rights of unmarried parents to custody and time sharing of their child can be found here. (note: as of fall 2023, we are temporarily eliminating full representation for young parent custody cases due to limited capacity.)


Information about the meaning of paternity, why it is important, and how a person can establish themselves as the legal father of a child can be found here.

Runaway Youth

Information about the rights of runaway youth can be found here.

Name Change

Information about the process for changing your name can be found here.
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$10.00 a week
($520 per year)

provides the funds for an attorney to provide full legal representation in an uncontested guardianship case.