KINSHIP GUARDIANSHIP - Documents for people without lawyers

Pegasus provides legal services to grandparents and other adults taking care of children whose parents are unable or unwilling to provide them with proper care.

The documents below can help guide families wishing to go through the legal process of obtaining guardianship on their own. This process is called “Pro se”, Latin for “on one’s own behalf”.

If you don’t have an attorney and want to open a case yourself, you may access some of the most common Kinship Guardianship documents below to fill out and begin your case.

If you would like to read more about Kinship Guardianship you can click on document 1-Kinship Guardianship Steps for People without Lawyers. There’s also an infographic here that spells out this process visually and defines some common legal terms. When you are ready, you can proceed to document 2.

1- Kinship Guardianship Steps for People without Lawyers

2- 4A-501- Petition to Appoint Kinship Guardian(s)

3- 4A-505- Consents

4- 4A-506- Nomination of Kinship Guardians

5- 4-206- Summons

6- 4-209- Motion for Service by Publication

7- 4A-503. Ntc of Pendency of Action

8- 4-209B- Order for Service of Process by Publication in Newspaper

9- 4A-206- Request for Hearing

10- 4A-207- Notice of Hearing

11- 4A-511- Order Appointing Kinship Guardian(s)

12- 4A-509 Motion to Appoint Temporary Kinship Guardian(s)

13- 4A-507- Ex Parte Motion to Appoint Temporary Kinship Guardian(s)

14- 4A-510- Order Appointing Temporary Kinship Guardian(s)

15- 4A-508- Ex Parte Order Appointing Temporary Kinship Guardian(s)

16- 4A-206- Request for Hearing

17- 4A-207- Notice of Hearing

18- 4-222- Application for Free Process

19- 4-223 – Order for free process

20- 4-115- Request for Court Interpreter

21- 4-116- Cancellation of Court Interpreter

22- GMDM02_MotionForm

23- 4A-101- Domestic Relations Information Sheet

24- 4A-402 Petition to establish parentage

25- 4A-512- Motion to Revoke Guardianship

26- 4A-513- Order to Revoke Guardianship

27-4A-514 – Department consent CYFD

Other Useful Documents

If a parent wants you to be able to take their child to the doctor or make school decisions for their child, you may use a Power of Attorney.

If you are unable to find a parent, but need to have documentation stating you take care for the child in order to take the child to the doctor or make school decisions for a child, you may use a Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit.

If you are a grandparent looking to petition the court for visitation of your grandchildren, you can use this petition.

Want to learn more? See our Kinship Guardianship Pro-Se Infographic that outlines the process step-by-step.

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